PS3 Slim Blu-Ray drive death

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    Jun 1, 2004
    So just ran out and bought Disgaea 4 today... After a length PS3 firmware update I played it for about an hour... After this a friend of mine asked me to play an online game with him, so I took out Disgaea and put in the other game. The game went into the system, two seconds later the blue light flashes and the system makes the sound of trying to take another disc in. The game doesn't read... I try different games... still nothing... try Blu-Ray movies and DVDs... still nothing. Just bought the system six months ago and lost the receipt so Sony wants $150 to fix it... Does anyone have any idea of what may be causing this and what I could do to fix it? It just doesn't compute for me that it's running a game with no issues and in the time it takes for me to switch discs; suddenly dies.
    Any help at all would be much appreciated folks...