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    Mar 16, 2015
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    I have been tooling with HAN on my super slim for about a week now and been installing PSN downloads to it using Mr. Mario’s guide.

    Apologies if these notes have already been discovered but I need to stress them:

    -PSN downloads MUST be for your console region. For example, if you have a US console, a European PSN game will not work. It will instead ask you to validate the game by signing into PSN(which of course you don’t want to do)

    -PS2 Games break HAN. If you start up a PS2 Classic, it will boot and play as normal. However, if you try to play another game afterwards, you will get an error and will have to re-enable HAN to get them to work again. PS1 Classics do not have this problem. My theory is that the PS2 Classic title forces the system to reset in order to boot into the emulator. As PS1 support is still native on the system, it doesn’t require a reboot to work.

    -NOT all C00 trial games work on HAN. Some do, whereas others don’t. For example, I downloaded Sonic Adventure 2. I just signed the package with XploitResigner as it didn’t require a RAP. According to the official CFW2OFW page, all C00 trial games are supposed to work. Booted the game, beat the first level, instead of saving and moving on, it just gave me the screen to unlock the full game. This happened with and without installed DLC. I’ll do testing to see which games don’t unlock, but for now, Sonic Adventure 2 and Jet Set Radio are definites.

    EDIT: It appears that C00 trial games do NOT work on HAN. Tried every single one I had that said trial and was signed and it still at some point asks me to unlock the full game. With updates, without updates, it doesn’t matter.

    -Installed PSN themes will disappear on reboot. The only way to re-enable them is to enable HAN again and then select it again from your themes list.

    That’s all for now, but these are biggies and I feel that they need to be known. Maybe these can be looked into down the line, but for now, least I can do is report them.
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    Sep 5, 2013
    Works for me.

    Did you install matching edats for the demos ? HAN itself does nothing to these C00 games...
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