1. VashTS

    OP VashTS Beat it, son

    Mar 14, 2009
    United States
    I just got a couple guitars for ps2 from salvation army. i got a guitar hero world tour guitar it says for ps2 on the sticker. after much searching with no real answers can someone give me a real life experience answer?

    does ghwt guitars work for both ps2/3? i've seen a usb dongle which in theory should work, and i've also seen the ps2 controller port style dongle.

    also on a side note, i got two wireless kramer guitars with no wireless receivers [​IMG] i want to make them usb, again after searching i found one pinout article with no info found on it. i could take the adventure myself, but i'm wondering if anyone has done this before.

    these all came with no receivers but for the price i couldn't resist. if anyone is interested in buying an extra drum set for their ps3 ghwt PM me, i'll give you a sweet deal.
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