PS3 controller on PC and troubles with it (help)

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    Nov 11, 2013
    Hello laddies

    I hope I somewhat posted this in the ''right'' section of forum, since it's not really about ps3 itself...anyway

    I have massive trouble getting my PS3 Dualshock controller recognized by Windows 10. I wasted 4 hours yesterday trying to get it working.
    I'm planning on using SCP software to emulate Xbox controller like it should be done (and like I did it before, when it was working (I reformatted later)) however I cannot even get that far in the process since the PC refuses to recognize my controller. I tried disabling windows driver checking, I tried different ports on PC, even tried the hub, removing all old drivers and reinstalling (old scp). Nothing works.

    I simply cannot get it to be recognized by PC. Theres nothing in device manager that would indicate that it was recognized by system.
    I know that this cable works and since I do not have a spare with me I have to assume its not a cable because it was working 5 days ago when I was changing the bluetooth address on my ''portable'' controller that I use with iPhone.

    Anyway does anyone know what is preventing my system to recognize the controller?

    PS: Should a hard reset (via the underside button) of DS3 wipe the bluetooth address stored in the controller? Because I tried hard resetting it yesterday and it was still paired to my PS3. Should I assume that the controller is somehow faulty?

    I know this is not really a PC gaming or Playstation based community however I hope someone out there can help me :)

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