PS2 OPL Cheats THUG2 Inf Scale code Help?

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    Edit: Solved. I was unknowingly trying to Unencrypt raw codes that were already unencrypted.

    So I've been messing with Tony Hawks Under Ground 2 codes trying to run them from OPL and none of them seem to work or I'm not doing something right.
    I've followed the guide from psxscene and reread it like 20 times. I've gotten codes to work for Devil May Cry 3 and TimeSplitters Future Perfect so I believe I'm doing it right so far. THUG2 how ever it doesn't seem to like the codes I want to use. I'd post some links but I'm not sure if these links could get me a warning.

    Codes that I'm trying to use are Infinite scale codes, Tiki staff as a board and some fun ones like flying. I've made sure to use codes that use the same mastercode. Just curious if anyone here has been able to get these to work or have tried them.
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