PS1/PS2 screen flickering.

Discussion in 'Sony PlayStation 1 & 2' started by Bobbyloujo, Dec 26, 2011.

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    Jul 24, 2010
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    I noticed a while ago that my PS1 was crapping out on me and the screen was flickering between normal brightness and really dark. I wasn't too upset because I don't use my PS1 that much. Now my PS2, my favorite of all video game systems, started doing the same thing. I just now noticed it when trying to play Shadow of the Colossus. I tried blowing dust out of the video port to no avail. I opened that sucker and it turns out that it is veryyyy dusty inside. Unfortunately, just taking the top cover off doesn't expose much. I don't have a can of compressed air so if I wanted to clean out the dust I would have dig a bit deeper and take some more stuff out. Before I do this risky procedure, I'd like to know if dust could even be the cause of this. In the meantime, I'll look around for a can of compressed air.

    Also, tutorials say that there should be a wire taped to the cover of the case near the eject button, but there wasn't on mine. I plugged the PS2 back into the wall and it still worked though... curious. Oh, and it's a PS2 fat. I forgot to mention that.

    EDIT: Well, I feel kinda bad for creating a worthless thread that no one replied to. Anyway, I talked to my older brother about it and he said that it's probably not because of the dust. I did find a can of compressed air so I cleaned her out anyway. It had no effect. Then I took the AV cable from the PS1 and plugged her into the PS2 which curiously enough fixed the issue. I got all the way past the first colossus without any flickering. So, it seems the cable was the problem for the PS2. Otherwise, it could be the GPU and it just decided to work for a little while. It's curious because the PS1 had the same issue but it's AV cable fixed the issue for the PS2... maybe they both have different problems with the same effect? Eh, who knows?
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