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    Hey guys!

    So I bought my PS Vita the day it came out. Aaaaand then I played it for like a week or two before realizing there were no good games for it and that some of the games that I thought were gonna be cool, were just pure garbage. So my PS Vita has been sitting in my closet for close to 2-3 years now. The version on it is 2.60 currently.

    Back in the day, before the Vita I owned the original PSP-1000, 2000 and 3000! I used to mod them and put Custom Firmware on them all the time, so that I can get free PSP games and emulate games such as the Game Boy Advance!

    So my question here today is: what are the benefits do modifying the PS Vita? Can I get free PS Vita games? Can I emulate a PSP on it, or PS1? What about GBA?

    If any of these are possible, can someone please link me a guide or tutorial on how to mod the Vita so I can more thoroughly enjoy the system that I dropped so much cash on it when it first came out :P

    Thanks a bunch guys!

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