Project 64 save data gone :(

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    May 27, 2011
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    Recently i had to factory restore my Netbook early this month to fix a missing windows basic theme problem I back up all my data Music ,Pics ,Games etc . . . . . . with dell data safe & flash drives when I loaded/restored everything back on my computer everything was there except my save data files for PJ-64 I thought something was wrong because I had to reinstalll it unlike with the other emulator I went to load up my data on Zelda Ocarina of Time to be shock by it being missing along with my other save data of my other N64 games I really don't want to restart from the beginning so do anybody know sites were there save game files where I can just jump back in were I left off at (I just completed the fire temple before the theme problem started happening) quick replies plz i really wanna finish this game this like my 5th time trying ?