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    I'm able to program. While I've never really studied the topic, I do have an interest in Computer Science. Until now, I've only really interested myself with mathematics and data structure type things. I've pulled up an archive of ACSL problems which I've done without any notable problems. I can balance a binary tree or reverse a linked list and all the good fun stuff like that.

    I've never ever experienced anything outside of the command line.

    So now I want to start some stuff. I've created ascii pong in PASCAL and ascii tetris in Cpp. Now I want to get into some actual game programming.

    I've never used a book before, my prior experience comes from my brother saying basically 'figure this out' and so on.

    I figure I'll start with a 2d platformer of some sort, as that seems simpler than anything else. I can figure out collision detection, I'm sure, but my real problems comes with graphic display and manipulation.

    So... any suggestions on what I should look up? What I should read?
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    You can find a lot of tutorials in the Internet.

    I think something easy to start is Actionscript/Flash, since you don't have to worry too much about graphic and sound programing and can focus more on game logic programming.

    If you want to try something with C++, SDL is a good start. And, as weird as it might sound, DS homebrew development using PALib is also quite easy for beginners. Just type those on google with the word "tutorial" and you'll find a lot of reading material.

    Good luck!
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