Programmer Needed - Help Complete DescentDS (aka DScent)

Discussion in 'NDS - Emulation and Homebrew' started by pyro_2009, Jun 19, 2009.

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    Hello everyone! [​IMG] Thanks for clicking on my post, I hope you'd like to help!

    DescentDS is a homebrew port of the classic game Descent for the Nintendo DS. The porting project was started by a guy named kayvenm back in early 2007. Kayvenm was making good progress with the game; his latest version, Alpha 4.2, is definitely playable (though corruption issues and freezes/crashes still occur). However, for some reason, he stopped all work on the project, and it hasn't been touched for almost two years now...

    I, pyro_2009 [​IMG] , have always dreamed of having my all-time favorite game (Descent) ported into a portable gaming device like the DS. Unfortunately, it seems now that kayvenm will not be finishing the port... I would love to pick up where he left off, but I am not much of a programmer. I have a lot of ideas of how to redesign the graphical and gameplay aspects of the game for the DS (redesigning the cockpit for the touch screen, button mappings, etc.), but I don't have the knowledge nor the skills to make my ideas a reality.


    DescentDS is an awesome game, it just needs someone with the know-how and desire to finish DescentDS, fix up the last bugs, and (hopefully) get the multiplayer going as well (which would be excellent). I would like to help too, by offering my ideas for cockpit design and button mappings, automap control, and other things.

    If anyone is interested in getting the DescentDS project up and running again, here is the link to kayvenm's project blog:
    Kayvenm's DScent Blog, From here you can download the latest Alpha 4 build to try for yourself.

    And here's a direct link to the Alpha 3 Source files for DescentDS; kayvenm never released the source files to Alpha 4:
    Link To DScent Alpha 3 Source

    Hopefully someone out there would like to finish DescentDS up and make it the great DS homebrew gaming experience that it is destined to be! Thanks again!
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    When I read your post, it's more like a request rather than asking for help.
  3. pyro_2009

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    I suppose it is more of a request than a plea for help--I am hoping to find someone here who would want to continue working on DescentDS, since the project is currently at a standstill. When I wrote 'Help complete DescentDS', it's more like 'Aid in the continuation of the DescentDS project'.

    If anyone finds DescentDS half as awesome as I do and would like to bring this project back to life again, please reply to this post. I'd appreciate it, thanks!
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    We all have our favorite games we'd like to see ported. Mine is an open source game called I have No tomatoes.

    A little information on porting to DS can be found here. The best thing is to D.I.Y. Learn some C, learn some programming and whatever, and just get down to it. In the end you'll have done something you're really proud of and that you can share this with the community. Even better, you are working on something half completed!
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    I totally agree.

    Go Go Go! pyro_2009... you can do it!
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    I love DScent funny thing is I got the game free 2 years ago searched about it on the net and found it was ported to DS. It really is too bad that its basically unplayable in its current form because of the corruption it causes to the SD card it runs the game great and if some one picked up the source and made some minor improvement it would be very playable. try posting this on TehSkeen its more of a dev community then a "talk of brew" community.
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    I do not intend to say that pyro_2009 cannot do it, but if it was that easy, I would have made a DS port of Frontier:First Encounters long ago.
  8. iPikachu

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    Oct 27, 2008
    its not that easy....
    its not just some C and programming..
    you have to learn alot.