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    Aug 22, 2014
    I've had a Wavebird controller for a few years now and at first i used it on my Wii... then Wii U using that GameCube adapter... then on Dolphin emulator using that GameCube adapter... then back on Wii U again and now finally just back to an original Wii again. For all the time i've had it it's worked great but say maybe a month ago i noticed every once in a blue moon it's like the signal has trouble meeting the receiver. Like at first i noticed that the yellow light on the receiver would blink which would cause the same effect on the screen. Like for example if i was playing a Resident Evil game and i moved the joystick forward to make the character run, instead it looked like they were hopping in slow motion.

    As i said at first this really was a once-in-a-blue-moon thing however now it happens everytime i play any game with it. At first i thought i just had flat batteries but i replaced them with brand new ones and still the same. I then switched to rechargeable batteries (the store's highest recommended brand) and charged them for a full 24 hours and again same problem but yet they worked just perfect on my remote controls etc.

    I then thought maybe it was signal interference from other RF devices as i have my Wii right next to my PC and i have one of those Xbox 360-to-PC adapters, plus a wireless dongle for the internet connection... plus also a set of powerline adapters plugged in the wall for my pay-tv box (all within say a 5 foot range of each other) I moved my Wii as far from the PC as i could (atleast a few good feet) and unplugged the Xbox adapter altogether but still this friggen problem exists.

    Can anyone who's had a Wavebird die on them before tell me if you experienced similar symptoms before yours went and so therefore i know it's the controller... or could it be possibly still be RF interference or something else?
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