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    Hey Guys,

    Soo, my story goes like this. my o3DS was just sitting there for about a year now, and i recently got the Pokemon Moon and it says i need to upgrade to v11.0. Currently, my 3DS runs rxTools at v10.3, and i have MenuHax. (i don't really remember what i did to my 3DS a year ago). So after some research, i found out that rxTools is outdated now, and there is a new thing called Luma3DS, i tried following the guide that says update from rxTools to Luma3DS, but nothing happened, my 3DS still boots into rxTools, with the emuNAND (RX-E 10.3.0). What are the possible option i have now. I really wanna play my pokemon ;/
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    RxTools is no longer being updated and if you follow this guide you'll get A9LH + Luma3ds which doesn't require emunand since it's a cfw sysnand. It will boot automatically so no need for menuhax and since Luma3ds is constantly being updated you will be able to play any game with it
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    I swear this is the most linked thing in this whole forum. Follow the guide, in a later step you will backup your existing emunand and then flash it to the sysnad to retain saves etc. Instead of going from rxtools to Luma, you should go from the whole setup to A9LH and then setup Luma. Far superior. You can play online, stay on the latest firmware, and do so much more.

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    the guide should be a stickied in the front page of 3ds noob paradise imo.