Problems with GC/Wii in vWii

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  1. Rabada34

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    Nov 8, 2016
    Last month I started to play GC and Wii games in vWii with USB Loader GX, I installed ten games:

    - DB Budokai Tenkashi 3
    - AC Let's go to the city
    - Animal Crossing
    - Mario Kart Wii
    - Simpsons Hit & Run
    - Mario Sunshine
    - Sims 2
    - My Sims
    - Sims 3

    But now when i plug my HDD with those games, Budokai Tenkashi 3, MKWii, Animal crossing let's go to the city don't appear anymore on the menu, i ticked "Wii games" and it changed nothing (Sims 3 and My sims still appears)


    They appear in Wii Backup Manager and two month ago I used to play with it, I don't understand why did they disapear :(

    If someone can help me please.. thanks and sorry for my english