Problems with changing the my 3ds housing shell

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    Nov 23, 2016
    Hello everyone! :D

    The title of my post is selfexplanatory. I have an old 3DS XL Pokemon X/Y edition. I wanted to change the external shell because is scratched and I don't wanna damage it more. The bottom part is really easy tu pull of, but I'm having troubles with the top one. I know that it has four screws in the internal face of the console that are protected by a little piece of rubber. The problems I encountered is that I feel like the rubber pieces are really hard to remove and I already damage one. Also when I removed the damage rubber piece I found like a piece "foil paper" I mean, instead of the screws I found a metal colored part of the 3DS. I saw some videos and I could not see that metalic part. Is that because is an special edition? or is something normal?

    Also I would like to ask a place here I can but housing shells. I found one on amazon but is always nice to have more options

    Thanks in advance :D