Problems witg Asphalt 8 airborn!

Discussion in 'Android' started by Metoroid0, Apr 28, 2016.

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    Nov 2, 2012
    here is the thing...up unteal now i always download apk, install it, than transfer obb or data files in data/obb sub folder in android folder on sd card (whell its a virtual one since my nexus 5 doesnt have sd card slot, its more internal than external memory...anyway)
    and after i do those simple steps i clock on installed game and it runs it.
    But asphalt is different!

    i install apk, put 1,4Gb files in android/data folder run the game and it checks game data and than it asks me to download aditional 800mb of files...well ok...i do that and download it and start the game. everything is ok im happy (although i tried everything to avoid downloading those aditional data that i do not understand why i need to but i couldnt avoit that...) but after i finished playing i exit, and after i enter the game agaiw with my internet connection on (im not sure if it because of that but i think ot is) i need to download all maps and tracks that where all downloaded (i installed mega mod where everything is unlocked, but even if i install normal unmoded apk i still dont need to download maps and tracks unless i enter the game this game is driving me crazy and i dont get it why its doing that....!

    can someone help me please!