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    Sep 16, 2011
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    I am using the latest version of MultiMAN, which has bundled with it Showtime 4.3.21.gda36c.dirty

    I created a directory on the USB hard drive, "DVDISO" and placed on it two whole DVD images along with 2 split DVD images. MultiMAN only sees from the main menu the images that are not split. When either is selected is starts Showtime. (why can't it mount the image like it mounts a game and then send me to the XMB?). If I open Showtime normally I can select even the Split images.

    When I use a Physical DVD in the PS3 I have no problems using either the PS3 controller or PS3 remote to select menu options, but when opening a DVD ISO through Showtime the buttons which would normally select menu options instead controls volume, and even if I just want to use the default menu option to start the movie the confirm button doesn't work at all. With DVD images that don't automatically start the movie eventually this means it's impossible to start the movie. Attempting to hold fast forward results in hearing some sound from the movie, but then it crashes back to PS3 main menu. With those movies that will eventually start I reach a second issue: The seek bar shows no more than 1 minute 33 seconds. I can't immediately fast forward beyond that point, but if I let it play it will continue well beyond that point and after a little bit a new 1min33sec bar appears from the start. I can't rewind before it, and If I attempt to scan forward after going beyond it it will just go back to the end of the last 1min33sec mark. Additionally, some videos which mount perfectly in a computer have a grainy back picture quality.

    Honestly, I would prefer it if I could have it mounted as if it was a real DVD (like mounting a game) and to load it with the PS3's existing DVD player, but Showtime appears to be the only option and it doesn't appear to be very stable. Are there any alternatives? Maybe even a dedicated DVD mounting software? I haven't even tried Blue Ray discs yet, but if it can't handle DVDs I doubt it would handle anything more.

    Showtime Memory Usage: Fluctuates between 37509 and 37926
    Console: First Generation PS3. Rogero CFW 4.40. No heat problems.
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