problems installing ninjhax on N10.3.0.28J

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    Edit: Sorry, I posted in the wrong forum, can I move it to te correct one by myself?

    I got my CN module yesterday. My JPN new3DS had FW
    SD was prepared so I scanned QR code and...entered homebrew, all was fine.

    To purchase something from the eShop I had to update FW to
    Since then I have no success scanning the N10.3.0.28J QR.
    Every time it leads to an error - no trace of *hax - and reboots the console.

    Just for testing I scanned the previous N10.2.0.28J QR.
    This is no problem and it starts booting into *hax 2.5 but crashes later.
    So the QR scanning itself seams no problem.

    I have the feeling, the QR for the selected N10.3.0.28J is not correct...or the installed payload.

    Is there a "manual" way to install the correct payload?
    I noticed, I can read the module via svdt in another homebrewed console (EUR) and see there is a (=one!) directory "edit" in the save data that contains files and payload.bin. The payload.bin has only about 26.5kB, whereas the downloadable payload has typical 41.1kB. When loading the downloadable payload to save data, the game crashes, when I try to start the exploit - no surprise though.

    My exploited EUR CN module contain 5 additional directories.
    I might copy them to my JPN-CN but still doubt if I have the correct payload.
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