Problem with Ocarina in USBLoaderGX

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    Hi everyone,
    Whenever I turn Ocarina on in USBLoaderGX, even without activating any codes, the game (for example Fire Emblem Radiant Dawn) would simply get stuck into a blank screen when I launch the game. Same thing happens when I activate a single code. I downloaded the code list directly on the wii via Fire Emblem Radiant Dawn -> settings -> ocarina, and it successfully downloaded a huge list of codes. Then I simply activated a single one then click "save", and it will say "gct file created successfully".
    I don't think my USBLoaderGX is latest version, as it was installed more than 3 years ago. However when I try to update it directly on the wii via USBLoaderGX->settings->update, it will freeze forever on the "initiating network" (there is nothing wrong with my wii's wifi connection as I've just tested it in the wii settings menu). However I read somewhere that the latest USBLoaderGX 3.0 is less compatible with ocarina?
    By the way my USBLoaderGX as well as all the games on it are installed on an external harddrive, as opposed to a SD card like most people use. So the codes directory is USB:\codes.
    Thank you for any help! The code I'm trying to run would be really helpful and I pretty much only need that single code (improved growth rates).
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    First, about the update feature:

    Our old host is not available anymore, so checking an online update will not work on version older than 3.0
    We changed the way the updates are downloaded in 3.0, but you will have to update it manually at least once.
    Download the v3.0 all-in-one package for IOS249, and extract the apps/ folder on your SD card.

    If you want to update the channel or the forwarder, you need a wad manager, and also be sure to have IOS58 if you can't launch the channels. (black screen, or return to system menu)

    About Ocarina:
    Did you already used it?
    Maybe the version of the loader you are using is not working fine.

    3.0 is not less compatible. I don't know where you heard/read that.
    You can update the loader, and try again with 3.0
    The new loader automatically enable a hooktype (VBI) if you didn't enabled one.

    Maybe old loaders needed that you set "Hooktype" to VBI (Default)?
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