Problem with Loadiine FW 5.50

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    I dont know if im a totaly retard or why i cant get the games to load.

    I have FW 5.50 and i get the "hack" to load and i can load homebrew launcher and loadiine. I have put 2 games on sd card. Both show up in loadiine but none of the have "cover" and none of them boot.

    When i try either one of them i see the "loading game" popup for about 1 sec or less then it go away and nothing happens...

    What could be wrong?

    The file system om my sd card is like this:

    wiiu >

    inside apps i have: homebrew_launcher and loadiine_gx2
    inside games i have it set up like this: game name [ABCD11]
    inside save i made 2 save files with same filder name as in games

    The sd card is formated as FAT32.

    Thanks for any help!

    Nevermind...the 2 games i tested had bad file structure. Case solwed...
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