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  1. Grimangell

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    May 9, 2008
    Dear GBATemp.
    Im having a massive issue with my flash card. its an Acekard 2, with the bliss OS on it.
    mind you i havent used it since it broke which was about 2 months ago so im not 100% sure that the bliss OS is what i say it is...or think it is.

    anyway. back to the problem. I cant play games on it anymore. it seems to run homebrew, and ive tried reformatting it, and my mate used a special tool on it to fix the card but that didnt work either. When you try to run a game, the load bar comes up, and then it just freezes the bottom screen, and on the top screen there is a bunch of random code that comes up, which ive managed to isolate to being 2 different codes. i cant remember what they are, but all i know is it just reposts the codes over and over and over.

    does anyone have a similiar problem?
    sorry if some of this doesnt make sense ive been drinking.
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    Jan 30, 2008
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