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Oct 29, 2008

Problem with cheats by Ureshi at 12:00 AM (491 Views / 0 Likes) 0 replies

  1. Ureshi

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    Oct 28, 2008
    First, sorry for my english ... [​IMG]

    I try to explain the better i can....

    I have a problem i want to use the cheats in this site (10_27_08_CHEAT(UE) or in my DS lite (N5 card original with 1.23 firmware)
    Already tryed to patch the _DS_MENU.DAT (deleted the _DS_MENU.SYS in the MS) with the Yasu software (r4custom) and i have the last CHEAT.DAT in the DS:\_system_\ but still in the menu i dont see a single cheat in any game i try... only the original CHEAT.DAT (1.92MB) works for me (that comes with the firmware)...

    Someone can help me?? im forgetting something???

    Again, sorry for my english xD and Thx.

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