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    Feb 15, 2010
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    Loading up and exploring free mcboot can't get it to outputl at 1080p. Ho ev r all the font on auto or ntsc looks terrible like it's through beer goggles but pal is crisp

    Not sure why pal is best but did order component cables this morning

    At the moment I got alot of settings to fine tune and need to figure out opl, ERM, pop. My flash drive is a.mess with multiple versions of multiple files and I want to tidy it up. I need to learn where to put ps2 and ps1 games and how to get the discs that were blue CDs on ps2 to run.

    The idea is have one USB with the apps and it's file and all the ps2 and ps1 games I want OR 2 flashdrives. One with files and the other with all the ps2 and ps1 games I want. I couldn't get the games on the flash to play and couldn't get opl to even find them. I made vcds but could t launch them either.

    Shoot me a message of what my flash drive directory should look like if I want my freemcboot, popstarter, simple graphics manager and opl on it?

    As of now I was able to launch code breaker and insert my legit silent hill 4 but need to sleep soon. I'm just excited I got all that to work my first try

    If anyone would like to talk to me via PM and help hash this all out that would be wonderful
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