"Pressing Start" The illusion of choices

Discussion in 'PSP - Hacking & Homebrew' started by Novazengear, Mar 26, 2013.

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    Hey everyone been lurking for a few years, this place has always been great.
    I finally decided to attempt to be a part of this community. Sorry for being a bit selfish an starting out with a request.

    System model: (Fat) 1000
    System Software/firmware: 6.60 Pro-c
    Other installs: popsloader, joysense

    My psp is modded/hacked and I forgot what firmware I had before. I recently decided (few months ago) decided to upgrade to 6.60 Pro-c so I could play some of the newer psp games and now I can't play psx games anymore. The strange thing is they load up, the opening plays and everything and when it says to "Press start" is when I hit a wall. Pressing Start does nothing (none of the other buttons or combo there of will allow me to advance ether), and I can't advance from the title screen. This happens only with psx games, both psn and custom ones.

    I downloaded PSP test keys for psp to calibrate and test the start button and to see if its even working correctly. The program shows that the start button is working perfectly (at least it says it is) but none of my Psx games will recognize when I press the start button (the psp ones recognize start just fine). I've read that there is a pops loader problem with psx games but thats only with Pro-c2. I might have missed some information that is throwing me for a loop or I'm just inexperienced with this sort of thing. I don't want to downgrade and lose the ability to play my newer stuff but I've lost the ability to access any psx game. I can't seem to figure this out at all so could someone please help me, and anyone else who does/will have this problem.
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