preloader semibrick question

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    May 1, 2008
    Hi I was searching around and didn't find any solutions about this. Basically I updated from 3.2u using the 4.0 installer and when i try to patch IOS60 using bushings patch is says badhash 1/15 when it trys to verify. I think preloader is still present and I was wondering if that would be the reason it was not working.

    When I was trying to install a wad as well i kept getting error ret -1029 in the wad manager so I was curious if those where effected by each other.

    **I lurk alot down here and search alot so I don't really have much of a post count*

    Basically I'm not sure what is wrong Im using the most current rev of cios38 i think its 13, im going to try rev10 to see if the issue changes, but yeah ive bricked my wii a few times now tryn to get ios60 patch to work. Good thing for bootmii and preloader with a nadflash back up ^^. Basically when I follow the guides on here I get the -1029 error when i try to install any wads on 4.0. Using the 4.0 install guide that was so neatly made [​IMG].