Preloader is in everyway better than starfall

Discussion in 'Wii - Hacking' started by xDarkElement, Mar 13, 2009.

  1. xDarkElement

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    Jan 31, 2009
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    Why do people keep downgrading their wii's and put starfall on them? Preloader is the better than starfall, it has more features and even has a nice font system, and you do not need a gc controller either. Preloader is the better choice guys, so everyone with starfall, just install preloader and itll overwrite the starfall i think.
  2. dmonkey21

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    ....Preloader does not "overwrite" Starfall and most people recommend having both installed, even if you just use Preloader. Better in every way? You may not notice, but Preloader makes some things in the Wii a bit slower; startup, loading the System Menu, and while that is about it, it is certainly noteworthy imo. When I had Preloader I had my WiiMotes even turn off while trying to load the system menu on multiple occasions, which is a pretty big annoyance to endure when many people don't need any more protection than what Starfall provides. Also, I don't know where you are getting this info lol. Reverting to 3.2 and using Starfall USED to be the main way to protect against bricks if you were using user created channels. Preloader has pretty much been the standard since it's release, check the dates on wherever you're hearing people say this stuff [​IMG]
  3. WiiBlaster

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    Nov 23, 2008
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    Say what you want i still recommend Starfall over preloader, its just more stable than preloader
    Wii Doesn't even act right when preloader is installed and i didn't even mention the bugs in preloader
  4. MicShadow

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    Jan 28, 2008
    What Id like to know, is which one boots higher/first.
    If I recall directly, Starfall allows the 'Press Y to boot disc' hack. Which is really convenient. So I have both installed
  5. jinxvorheeze

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    May 13, 2008
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    Starfall and CIOSCORP (or a chip) can allow someone to boot an Autoboot Wad Manager disk without even needing a system menu. Granted preloader can load some programs without needing the menu, but it's main focus is for people to be able to boot the HBC in case of a dire emergency. Starfall can save you when that emergency is that you removed the HBC, then bricked your Wii doing something stupid (Think that it can't happen? Well it has on this forum on several occassions). The truth is, each one has benefits, and since they don't overwrite each other, then why not install both.
  6. Jacobeian

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    May 15, 2008
    Starfall is in fact a collection of permanent patches applied to the system menu
    Preloader replace the System Menu main dol with another one which give you the ability either to load the system menu, hbc or any dol you put on sdcard
    So Preloader run first then eventually Starfall patched system menu is launched
    This also means that Starfall patches will eventually override Preloader patches
  7. wanders

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    Dec 14, 2008
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    +1 to what WiiBlaster said.
  8. cwstjdenobs

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    Mar 10, 2009
    @Jacobeian Preloader doesn't let you run anything off of SD. You can install a singular .dol to nand and boot that instead of the sysmenu or hbc.

    While I can see where WiiBlaster is coming from I'd recommend using neither unless you have a real need for them.

    To be honest Preloader will be much more useful once BootMii is out and all the patches from Starfall worked into the hacks.ini. Actually I'm hoping the press Y hack will be replaced with a launch disc menu option and that's why it's not in Preloader. Imagine the advantages of Preloader/Starfall without the risks and take out the sdcard and it's gone. At least I hope that's where Crediar is going with it. It does seem the logical step up. Starfall = permanent patches, Preloader =Permanent changes temporary patches, BootMii + Preloader (BootMii Edition or whatever) = everything temporary apart from BootMii.

    so xDark, I'd say Preloader will definitely BE better than Starfall, and for some it already is. But at the moment it's a useful tool for some abused by many. And starfall is in that camp as well. Also look at the version number. Anything below 1.0 generally means "seriously it's not ready yet, but it kind of works so you can have a play."
  9. SanGor

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    Aug 21, 2008
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    Why do people keep comparing incomparable tools?
    BootMii with preloader, starfall with preloader.

    preloader was made to speed up the booting to the HBC, the brickprotection is only a sideeffect as crediar mentioned in the hackmii post, still keep people using it for that propose only or name it as the big feature of preloader.

    BootMii is being made for being a brickprotection hence why that part will be better than preloader.

    StarFall offers (limited)systemmenu hacks for 3.2E/3.2U only, so again not really compareable to preloader either since it offers much more, preloader has a higher brickchance? how many bricks were there, zero?

    Also I don't understand people who install StarFall AND preloader it just makes no sense applying the hacks twice and if you say preloader doesn't have all StarFall hacks!!!! which are missing ? hold Y to enter the rescue menu? makes much sense with preloader installed, also it's YOUR fault for missing hacks since now everyone can easily make hacks for the systemmenu with no risk at all ...
  10. WiiPower

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    Oct 17, 2008
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    Stupid question: Can you use a Wii with preloader installed without a sd card? I thought the replaced .dol of the sysem menu is copied to sd card and started from there and that's why it takes that long to get into the system menu with preloader?

    Stupid question2: Is the "drive doesn't stop spinning in (fake) standby mode" fixed?
  11. cwstjdenobs

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    Mar 10, 2009
    @Sangor, I wasn't comparing BootMii to Preloader or Starfall, I was saying that Preloader will become more usefull for system hacks etc when it doesn't need to be installed to the nand and move the Sysmenu . And the hacks.ini system does make Preloader comparable to Starfall (or should I say that Preloader has a more flexible Starfall hacks like feature). So what if it was designed for launching the hbc faster, this is the wii hacking forum, and a major part of hacking is using programs to do things they weren't actually designed to do. And BootMii is designed to allow full access to the Wii's hardware. Brick protection is a side effect of that

    @WiiPower Preloader renames your sysmenu on nand and puts some things in /shared2, the hacks.ini and installed .dol and another file related to the hacks.ini (the currently selected hacks are in the other file I thinks). It only boots the sysmenu off of SD if you are using the aquilino disk channel launch method thingy (another tool that will be cooler when BootMii is available because again it won't need to install things to the nand apart from BootMii). Without that I've noticed no increase in boot time, in fact with the health screen turned off it boots faster.

    I can't comment on the disc spinning problem as it has never happened to me
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