PrBoom 3DS custom Wad files

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    Aug 23, 2015
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    I got PrBoom 3ds, which allows you to play DOOMx.wad files (For those who don't know). However, when I drag a custom-made wad (from another website) into the 3ds/prboom-3ds directory, it gives me some IWADtag error. It says something like "IWADtag Error: Doom2.wad not found". (I don't have my 3DS with me so I can't check the exact error.) I've tried this with 2 different custom-made wads, but I can only get DOOM shareware to work (I don't have any other official doom wads.) Also, yes I did rename the custom wads to "DOOM2.WAD", just as I named the shareware one "DOOM1.WAD". I don't see a config file, so is there anything else I can do? Thanks in advanced! Edit: I only had one DOOM wad file in the directory at a time.