Possibly a non-mil Dreamcast?

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    I have a Dreamcast that I received from a friend a few years back. Apparently, it's manufacturing date is Nov 2000, so I think this might be a non-mil DC. Suppose that it is, what do I have to do for it to run back ups (please don't tell me to go find a new console)? Are there any particular (i.e. definitive) guides I should follow? Also (related to the previous question), what sort of tools or programs should I be familiar with when it comes to burning DC games?
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    this is an easy one find and burn an autoboot dreamcast game, it'd be hard to find a game that didnt autoboot in this day and age. stick it in the dreamcast and turn it on. if the game runs congratulations you win and if it doesnt run you are one of the unlucky few.
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    Yep, exactly as Jeff says, all you need to do is burn a self booting disc and stick it in. I'd also recommend grabbing the Utopia bootdisc (you can find it on FileTrip) just in case you come across a couple of games that aren't self-booting. If I remember right a couple of rips never got updated. I'd also recommend buying good quality CDs as there's a few games that need to be burned with overburn switched on.