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    Jan 3, 2008

    GBAtemp's own smealum, in collaboration with sprite artist lobo, has been hard at work on a new Nintendo DS Homebrew game set in the Portal universe. The game, which started out as a side project for his FPS Maker, is currently in active development. Featuring an original campaign staring Doug Rattman, Portal DS is on track to become the most anticipated DS Homebrew release of this year.

    • working portals (you can place them, look through them, go through them)
    • okay player physics (for instance, momentum is conserved when going through a portal, flinging works great)
    • a full fledged rigid body physics engine for turrets, cubes and stuff (watch the video, I think it's pretty cool for a DS game)
    • mini gravity gun !
    • an on-board and intuitive level editor
    • more or less working puzzle elements (including buttons, dispensers, turrets, energy ball things, doors, emancipation grids...)
    • an entirely new gameplay mechanic ! (not fully implemented yet but I think it's going to be pretty neat)
    As one of the few to have received an early build of the game, I can honestly say that it is shaping up nicely. The concept works exceptionally well and movement between portals is fluid and fun. There are no real puzzles yet, only a few environments to play around in, and as such a call to level designers has been made. If you feel you want to contribute, really contribute and not just ask for an early build, consider getting involved. The better the puzzles are the more fun this game will be.

    Check out the on-going discussion, linked below, for more information about the current state of the project.

    :discuss: On-going Discussion
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