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    May 19, 2009
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    hi hi.

    So I use the EZ Flash Vi card and lately been playing pokemon platinum.

    I've been using a few codes, mainly the no-random battles and from time to time 1 hit kills.

    I have the database from here, the EZARCODE one.

    Most of the codes seem to work... but I'm a problem with 2.

    1) the Modifier code. . .
    When I turn it on the "title" says something about using the in-game calculator & the pokemon's pokedex #?
    When I place the number in the calc and hit =/enter I hear the Pokemon's cry, but the pokemon does not show up in battle (IE: I just get the normal pokemon that show up).

    2) The: Complete Pokedex crashes the game before the game can even start. Not a big worry, just wondering if anyone else is having the issue...

    If someone could help me with #1, that would be awesome. I want a "Team Evee" group lol. So I need to catch 6 more [​IMG]