Pokemon Platinum Overworld Sprite Hacking

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    Hi guys, I've been messing around with the sprites and stuff in pokemon platinum so I can get the hang of how to edit them. I finally managed to extract the .poke files with the use of PokeTex and edited them in photoshop as Indexed files with 15 color palette table (+1 with transparency coming up to 16). Everything seems to go well and I uploaded the edited file to Tile Molester and everything seems to go fine. I save the now edited .poke file and upload it into PokeTex only to find all the colors somewhat messed up.

    Can somebody tell me what I'm doing wrong :0 Whenever I change the offset in TileMolester to 13300 the colors get all jumbled too (exactly the same colors as in PokeTex). I r lost D: Halp please?


    I managed to fix the miscoloring but the sprites are still not in the right places because of the color mapping. How do I see the color mapping of the image on the right when using PokeTex? Seems I can only see/edit the colormapping of the image on the left.

    This is what I mean:
    (I know everything is fine with this sprite sheet but with another one, they are all misplaced because of incorrect color mapping or the panel with a bunch of numbers of you will)