Pokémon HeartGold Save File Problem

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    Mar 20, 2010
    I downloaded an untrimmed Heart Gold rom. I patched it with Rudolf's anti-piracy patch.

    I'm using a F-card (Firelink card) and it's quite old, I know, but it should work...

    I set the save type to Flash 4MBit and now the game saves and doesn't freeze (as far as I know).

    But my only problem is... When I save, shut the DS down and start the game again, I have to start a new game.. While there is a save file on the F-card, and it is even recognised in the menu. But it just starts with Professor Oak again...

    Do I have to do something with the Crack in Rudolf's patch topic? Because, I don't know how it works (when is it cracked, etc.?)

    Thanks for your time.

    EDIT: It already works, wow! I played around with the Rudolf's topic Crack and, somehow, I cracked my game. Lol! This topic can be closed!

    So if it doens't work, try:
    - editing save file type
    - using Rudolf's patch
    - using DSLazy patch
    - using Rudolf's crack