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    Feb 11, 2016
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    I'm in need of assistance. I've been editing the trainer back sprites for whenever the trainers throw their pokeballs in battle. I found them and edited them, but the first frame appears to be unedited. When the trainer is standing before the throw the balls, it uses the original sprite. Once they begin their throw animation, that's when the edits appear.

    So where is the first frame for the back sprite I'm missing?

    EDIT: I found out where the sprite was but editing it was a pain.

    For future reference:
    Using Tinke, the sprite for Dawn is under poketool/trgra/trbgra.narc with 2 files for it: trbgra_2.RGCN for the sprite and rbgra_2.RLCN for the palette
    You must extract both the palette and the sprite, open it up with the Expert/Directly open options in PokeDSPic for Diamond/Pearl, insert your modified image, and then save the sprite and palette as separate files. Once that's done, you can use the |Change File| option to insert your sprite and palette.
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