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Discussion in 'DSTT' started by Swifteye, Oct 4, 2008.

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    Oct 4, 2008
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    okay so i just ordered my dstt and got all my menu files and other stuffs ready for when it arrives. the main reason i got it was for gb/c roms, but my question is this: using the lameboy emulator, would i place the extracted lameboy files on the root of my card or in a seperate folder? and does it matter whether nds and gb/c games r stored in the same games folder or should they be seperated?

    also a quick verification question: i extracted my menu files already to look at them and it was all stored in a folder labeled "eng". i'm under the impression that a ttmenu folder (which i have in the eng folder already) and a ttmenu.dat file or something similar are to be placed on the root. along with the ttmenu folder however, is a media type looking file. im assuming this is the ttmenu.dat file or whatever, so should i just stick them both on there?

    and one more quick one (sorry for the length): when i place my games in their seperate folder on the card root is there a specific name im supposed to give the folder/game files like .nds or something or does it not matter?

    any help/suggestions is much appreciated. thx!
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    Aug 17, 2008
    Im not sure about lameboy, there should be a readme included that tells you where to copy things.

    For the DSTT OS, copy the contents of the 'Eng' folder to the root of the memory card.
    There will be 1 file and 1 folder (that contains quite a few other files), copy them both to the root of the card.

    By 'media looking file' do you mean that the ttmenu.dat file has a video/audio looking icon?
    If so then that is no problem. You must have a program installed that knows .dat files to be video or audio data. Any program that tries to open ttmenu.dat on a PC will not work. The menu file simply has the same file extension as some video files use, despite it being a different format.
    There are quite a lot of different types of files than may have a .dat extension, from virus definitions to VCDs.

    If you cannot see the file extension of ttmenu.dat file (you see a ttmenu folder, and a file named ttmenu), then go to:

    -My computer
    -'Tools' dropdown menu at the top of the window
    -'Folder options'
    -'View' tab
    -Under 'advanced settings' will be an option 'hide extensions for known file types', UNtick this and click OK.

    For DS roms, the DSTT menu will search the whole card for these files.
    I simply put all of my ROMs (.nds extension), and any save files I want to copy over (.sav extension) in 1 folder named 'games' that is on the root of the microSD.
    170+ items, menu works fine.

    If you cannot see the .nds file extension on any ROMs you have then set windows to show file extensions (as above), don't go renaming the ROMs unless you have done this.
    When windows is set to not show file extensions, you can rename files so it looks like you have added/changed the extension, but it is really just part of the filename and the real extension remains hidden.
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    Oct 4, 2008
    About the Gb/Gbc Roms with Lameboy, they can be anywhere on the card, but I like to keep them all in a GB folder, but in lameboy, you can browse to anywhere on your microsd
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    Oct 4, 2008
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    okay thanks a bunch guys that cleared everything up