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    hey been trying all night i have henkaku updated to the latest and set unsafe home brew to on but i cant seem to get adrenaline nor rincheat to open/load i have them in the plugins folder as the instructions stated but when i press the buttons they tell me to they wont work nothing happens as if they werent even installed. which is wierd cause they show up in the psvita plugin manager as enabled i also set up the game.txt file to have them both on separate lines or am i supposed to do something else. cause currently my game txt is just 2 lines which are the dirrectories of each of the plugins nothing else. thanks for the help
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    You need to set both plugins in ux0:/tai/config.txt, especially for Adrenaline. It's the only way you will get it to work; iirc game.txt is just for games dumped with vitamin/maidump only.

    This is an example for adding in lines for Adrenaline in config.txt:
    You'll need to replace PSPTITLEID with your PSP game's actual Title ID.
    As for rincheat, you can place the plugin location under any specific game's Title ID, just like what we did for the PSP game for Adrenaline.

    Oh, and don't forget to reload the taihen config in molecularShell after making changes!

    Hope this helps!
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    Rincheat doesn't work for original games, only work for dump games.
    I'm sorry for my bad english.

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    so under the taihen config i add what you wrote except replace the "psp title id" with an actual games id then just replace adrenaline with rincheat. do these work with ps vita games as well in the same manner.

    edit: after some trial and error i got it working although my game sorta flashes alot when i try using rincheat guessing its one of the beta issue

    edit: anyone know how to use rincheat i keep searching for the hexidecimal of the number i want ie for money or something and it says 7 found but doesnt list them for me to edit so how do i change them?
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