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    ok so a long time ago i had a chipped ps1 and some backed up games. i still have the games but no chipped ps1. i still have 2 other psx's but neither is chipped. one is an original 1001 or something model (has the expansion port on the back for gameshark) the other is a newer non PS1 model without the port. does anyone know how i can go about playing my old games and/or where i can still find either chipped psx's for sale or a device that will plug into the expansion port to allow me to play em or some sort of boot disk or something? thanks.
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    if SCPH 1001 is the same model as European SCPH1002, then you don't need any modchip.
    You can use the Swap method.

    To test it, do as follow :

    - open the lid, and boot the PSX
    - go to Music player
    - Put an original PSX game
    - now is the trick, block the closing-lid detector with something (Adhesive tape works great -_^)
    - the Original disk will spin and stop
    - exchange the game disc with the copied one
    - Exit the music player, the game will boot.
    - close the lid for security (the detector have to stay alway "lid close")

    This method is only a way to test, or play common games.
    But some games will not work correctly, because the TOC of the original game is put in memory when the original disc is read.

    For example, if you play a copied game with more tracks or more data on disc than the original one, it will not work.

    To prevent this, you have to swap the discs between the Original-disc-check and the Toc reading.
    It's a little tricky, but works for every games.

    Best method , once you know it works without modchip: (Works for Multi-disc games without saving between them too, like Parasite eve)
    - put the Adhesive tape on the lid detector.
    - put an Original disc
    - Power up, and listen very carefully, the lens will make 2 type of noise : zzzzzz flollowed by tictictic.
    You have to swap before the tictictic, which correspond to the TOC reading.
    The tictictic is promptly followed by the PSX logo and sound.
    If you didn't swap before the logo appears, you failed to swap.

    To swap game disc while still playing (or if the disc stop spinning, which is common) :
    - remove the adhesive tape
    - put an original again
    - put back the adhesive tape, and quickly to the swap, listening carefully the lens noise.

    Note :
    If you don't want to listen, or can't detect the noise, you can detect by gently touching the reading lens-bloc, you will feel the tictictic.

    Note 2 :
    If it's an SCPH 1001, it's very old, and lens rails/motor is usually defected.
    You will have to turn the PSX 90° Counter clock (or find the best degree it plays games)
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    i sent you a pm
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    swap method is bad for the system FYI. I can sell you a old chipped psone, that I have in my basement.

    It comes with everything including memory cards and controllers. However, it has a Thrill Kill Cover on the lid.

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    I still have my day launch PSX, and using the swapp method it works fine. (only the plastic lens-rails is worn out, I need to rotate the console).