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Discussion in 'Wii - Backup Loaders' started by Antiheld, Sep 26, 2015.

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    I have homebrew channel and some backup loaders on my Wii (Cower Flow, USB loader GX, Configural USB Loader).

    Now I want to play NGC games. Namely Beyond Good and Evil, Final Fantasy Chrystal Chronicles, The Legend of Zelda: Four Swords Adventures and Paper Mario and the 1000 year door. I have to play the game as Iso-files.

    Now my question:
    -Do I have to do anything special to play the games or will they load in my Backup loaders for Wii games?
    -Which file format do they have to be?
    -Should I buy a Memory card or can I save on my sd card? If I should buy a memory card, which one should I use can you suggest one?
    -I have to buy GBA to NGC cables for Zelda. Are third Party ones OK or should I use original ones?
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  2. godsakes

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    Your loader needs to support nintendont (I use CFG and had to look around for the right version). Also install nintendont on your hard drive.

    I have a separate partition for my GC games (I think it has to be in fat32) - make a 'games' folder, create a folder for every game you want to put on with it's serial code then place the iso inside and rename it to 'game.iso' like this:
    /games/Alien Hominid [GAHEGG]/game.iso
    download the gamecube ISO tool - it makes this process easier (finds the right name & serial for you etc)

    nintendont has a virtual memory card feature which I use - you must remember to enable it on the games settings in your loader

    Not sure if nintendont supports GBA accessories, it does however support using the classic remote in gamecube mode so saves having to buy the (collectible and thus overpriced) wavebird
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  3. kmksoulja

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    Nintendont supports accessories but only if you are playing on an original wii. There is a trick to make them work however. CFG usb loader doesn't turn on the option in Nintendont so you have to do it manually each time you want to play a gamecube game with accessories. To do this you launch the game but you press B to cancel auto boot. and then you go into the options in nintendont and turn on "native controllers" and then press A to launch the game. I was playing four swords adventures the other day with 2 GBA to GC link cables. I have only used the official ones though so I am not sure how the 3rd party ones are..
  4. Subscriber0101

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    Jun 9, 2015
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    Yeah, just use Nintendont. Nintendont is a brilliant program that has no cIOSes to worry about.

    If you're on a non-GC Compatible wii, then also enable "Use HID Device" -- with that you can enable USB Controllers. Memory Card Emulation is your friend.

    And also, if you plan to play a multi-disc like Tales of Symphonia or MGS Twin Snakes, then place the second disc's ISO in the same as the first but name it "disc2.iso"
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