Platdude's Retro Collection ...Sequel ?¿

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    Platdude's Retro Collection ...Sequel ?¿
    Post Your Ideas

    Jayenkai is most famous for his homepage where he codes and releases one new game each week. Recently he has begun brainstorming on what could possibly be the sequel to Platdude's Retro Collection.

    Jayenkai has asked for the support of the homebrew user community through the contribution of ideas. Think of anything which would work as a fun sequel, and then post your comments in the discussion thread linked below. Any topic will be considered so please show your support of homebrew and this new project by typing up a few short ideas!

    [​IMG] Download Platdude's Retro Collection (Off-site link)
    [​IMG] Discuss
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    I have a bomb alallalallala
    classic rpg?
    pixel version of gaunlet?

    Thats all I got....
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    Shmups, lots of shmups....or as I like to call them shoot'em-ups. Shmup sounds like a mushroom that is a shmuck or something.