Plastic Hard Cases - Are they necessary?

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    So I'm debating whether or not I want to get a hard plastic case (The clear one) for my 3DS XL. I can't order online to get it fairly cheap, as I don't have a debit/credit card. So I'd have to pay $15 bucks for it in NYC.

    I've had my system for 2 & a half weeks now, the only place it goes is in my travel wallet which goes into my messenger bag. And when I need to charge it I sit it down on a microfiber cloth so the bottom doesn't touch my desk not to scratch it. So far it's looking good, no scratches on the outer shells.

    This is the wallet I keep it in.

    This is where it sits when charging on the microfiber cloth.
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    Unless you're a butterfingers like myself, (I dropped mine and it skidded across the floor of a Taco Bell) I think you're gonna be fine with your current setup.