Picross 3D problem

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  1. R2DJ

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    Jan 30, 2008
    I'm using an Acekard 2i and an untrimmed Picross 3D ROM. I've completed all puzzles so far without errors (369 stars and solved all 19 puzzle packs) but I didn't make this topic to brag about it. I'm having issues regarding the latest Puzzle Pack. I'll enlist it chronologically so it would be clearer.

    Oh, and before downloading the puzzle pack. I had 3 user saves in the game and my downloaded puzzle count is 99/240.

    - Downloaded Puzzle Pack 20 without fail. Turned DS off to play another game.
    - Played the game again and the third save file has mysteriously disappeared. It also appears that Puzzle Pack 20 has not been included in the Downloaded puzzles but when I went to WFC to download it again, it says that I've already downloaded it (shown with a tick). Downloaded puzzle pack again.
    - Deleted some puzzles (the whole of Puzzle Pack 1) as I thought it was a space issue and that the game can only contain 99 downloaded puzzles. Left with 87 puzzles.
    - Played one puzzle from the pack. After completing the puzzle, I got a message along the lines of "Cannot save. Reinsert game cartridge". Restarted my DS.
    - Booted up the game again and now, 2 of the 3 user saves have mysteriously vanished! Mine is still intact.
    - Again, after checking the downloaded puzzles, the same thing happens again - Puzzle Pack has "not been downloaded" and the puzzles I have deleted have reappeared. :/
    - Tried re-downloading the Puzzle Pack 20 but, this time, the game hangs up everytime.

    Anyone know what's up with this?
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    Your ROM of Picross 3D has been tampered with by Satan.

    EDIT: LOL, no... Try switching versions... Like if you have the E version then switch to J or U.
  3. pitman

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    Since Puzzle Pack 17 my saves were being deleted (thank god I backup regularly) which also happened in the Japanese version giving me a message about some sort of error and couldn't play/create custom puzzles anymore. and I'm using a R4 (this happened to me on every firmaware [1.18/YSmenu/Wood]).
  4. R2DJ

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    Jan 30, 2008
    Well I managed to finish all 4 puzzles from Puzzle Pack 20. After restarting though, I LOST MY FRIGGIN' FILE!

    Thankfully, it's backed up and I guess that's it for me and Picross. I'm thinking Pack 20 is glitched.
  5. webadmin40

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    Aug 5, 2010
    seriously the puzzle pack is indeed creating some serious problems for me as well. and whenever i have tried to fix the issue the problem has only worsened. System hanging, mysteriously loosing saved games has become very common. Its unfortunate how such an amazing game has come under a lot of criticism for such unreliable and disappointing performance. any body over here who is facing a similar problem..?? It would be nice if a solution could be made available.. I have been learning ipad app developmentand would try to implement it for the ipad as well.
  6. Clookster

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    Maybe your savefile is too small. AKAIO created savefiles that are too small in the first place. If you've only a 512 kb savefile, than that's the problem.

    It needs a 1 MB savefile. Most people that played the japanese version before didn't have any problems, because they already used a savefile with the correct seize.

    It's one of my favourite games, btw.

    You can create a second 1 MB savefile just for the downloadable games and switch between both. I don't know how to "convert" your existing 512 kb sdavefile into a 1 MB savefile.