1. Bahamuth

    OP Bahamuth Member

    Jun 24, 2008
    Hello Guys.

    So I have hacked yet another wii with the soft modding guide by XFlak.

    But this time I have run into a problem that is new for me.

    I installed all the Phoenix Wright games plus the DLC for the first game.
    The games work but the DLC will not.

    I have tried using mmm, yammm, wm 1.7 and wm 1.3
    I have tried installing with IOS236 and IOS249.

    Yet no Results.

    The Wads, have worked on a previously wii a couple of years ago.

    Any of you that has any ideas?
    Also WM 1.3 didn't work, it gave error (ret = -1)
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