pdp controller + wiimote VS GC adapter + GC controller

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    i'm looking forward to the new smash brothers for WiiU and i have a very hard choice to make, regarding how am i going to play the game.

    The first option is to get the PDP controller and a Wiimote (i don't have any) which in this moment is the one i like the most, most of all, because i hate wired controllers. It is a complete shhh·"%·$T that nintendo is not releasing a Wiiupro controller shaped like a GC controller. i know the pdp controller is not fully wireless because it goes straight to the wiimote, which sucks. Besides that, i have to keep charging batteries and stuff, absolutely annoying. Best of all is that the PDP controllers are fcking beautiful AND cheaper. Bad thing of all of this is that the PDP controller will be released the day ssb4 comes out, so i would have to wait until its shipped to my country. Its going to be like 25USD in gamestop.

    The second option is to get the GC adapter and the GC controller (dont have any), with this one i would not have the batteries problem, but..... THE WIRES........ and not only the wires that goes into the adapter, but the adapter itself. I would have to put it on top of the WiiU and could fall if i move or pull the wires, they get tangled, etc.... GC controller is like 40USD

    i don't know what to do, besides all of that im not in the US, which means that shipping all that stuff no matter which method i choose is going to be expensive, im starting to think on buying the game in digital format.

    what do you think? have you tried PDP controllers before?

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    Get the wii u gc adapter and a wavebird, problem solved. I know, buying used wavebird sucks if you don't already have one. I hope Nintendo releases a new wavebird, it would only make sense if they did.
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    The Nintendo GameCube Adapter for Wii U doesn't connect to the Wiimote. It connects the Wii U's usb ports. That should help you decide.
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    Wii U GameCube Adapter + Original GameCube Controller = Deal's sealed!

    I think they're going to release a firmware update once this is out for the public in order to make it functional.

    I can't wait to get it because I really want to use Nintendo's best controller on the Wii U!