PC to PS3 data transfer ?

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    Hi there
    I have a Question about connecting a PS3 to PC.

    Currently I am using an FTP Client to send data to my PS3 trough my W-Lan router but this takes an insane ammount of time as I only get Speed between 50kb -1mb at max ...

    I tried to hook up the PS3 with my Crossover Lan cable but it doesn't seem to work oO
    no idea why but at one Point it actually noticed that there is a Cable pluged in but I had no idea how to Access the playstation ...

    So is there any way to get bigger files onto the PS3 without Streaming it trough W-lan ?
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    The only fast way to transfer file between PS3 and PC is if your PC has Gigabit Ethernet port (1 Gbps). Most only has Fast Ethernet, which is (100 Mbps).

    If you do have Gigabit Ethernet on your PC connect PS3 and PC directly together (no router in between) . PS3 supports Auto-MDIX so there is no need for a crossever cable.

    If you only have Fast Ethernet, you next best option is USB port transfer between external HDD and PS3.
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    Maybe you already know how to configure your network, but just in case you don't:

    Your computer can have different IPs if you have multiple network interface (multiple ethernet, wifi, etc.), you need to know which IP is using your Ethernet network to set the PS3 and your Ethernet devices on the same network.
    IP: X.X.Y.Z
    Both your PC and PS3 should have the same "X" and "Y", and a different "Z".
    If you have another network (for example Wifi) set on your computer, the ethernet need to be on a different "Y" network.

    For example:
    Computer wifi <-> Router Wifi
    Computer LAN <-> PS3 LAN

    If your PS3 was using to transfer over your Wifi router, you can't just connect the ethernet cable without changing your PS3 Y's IP to 1, or trying to connect to the Wifi Y's IP 0, as it uses a different interface (assuming your mask is
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    Get a USB stick formatted to fat 32. Use multiman to copy and paste the files to desired destination. That's what I do. Wayyy faster than FTP.