Patched Switch with 8.1.0

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    Or you could quote a reliable source that has confirmed it has been hacked privately.

    Telling people it has been hacked at all (even without citing it) will result in folks updating to a firmware that may never be hacked.
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    I understand your concerns, but pls wait until an official POC will be shown in the gbatemp news. In September there will be light in the darkness. Sometimes it‘s just psychological tactic to spread news that a console probably will never be hacked, as a very well known scene-hacker lately stated. But maybe … just maybe … that’s what he wants us to believe ... :)
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    Hmm. Let’s see, who’s more trustworthy. A bunch of well known developers who’ve done a lot for the scene that are saying it’s not hacked and likely won’t be a very long time. Or a random user on GBAtemp whose saying it’s been hacked after only a week or two...

    Stop spreading fake news :)

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    If it’s new, and is a OG HAC-001 switch, yes, it will be on 4.1.0 or below
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    Thanks for the help