1. Nathan Drake

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    Jan 2, 2011
    I have in my hands a Pandora battery (secondhand). I have a 2000, Darth Vader edition (TA-085v2 motherboard, I believe), running OFW 6.60. There are a myriad of issues that I'm fairly certain are due to a past owner's mishaps with CFW. All other issues aside:

    This Pandora battery that I received today is a rather snug fit in my 2000. That is to say, I honestly fear yanking it in half one of these times trying to remove it. It does charge, and the LED indicators do tell me that it is charged and in Pandora mode (after I set it there, of course). I used PSP Grader to make an MMS using my 1GB magic gate supported Sony memory stick, and all seemed good to go. The problem is, my PSP won't boot with the set up in place. MMS made. Pandora put in. No auto-boot. No ability to manual boot. Just a dark screen and nothing going on with the PSP. Thinking maybe the trigger was the issue, I wiped the MMS using PSP Grader to clean it, and remade it once more with no trigger. Same issue.

    The PSP definitely detects that the Pandora battery is in place, as the charging indicator comes on when the battery is in and I plug in the charger. It just doesn't seem to detect it entirely correctly.

    Is this due to an unforeseen issue (by myself) with my OFW being as high as it is? Is the Pandora battery just no good?

    Edit: After a little bit of investigating, I think this Pandora just doesn't charge or retain a charge worth a damn anymore. I'll just hunt down another one, preferably from someone that can confirm its ability to operate first.
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