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  1. juins

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    Hey guys, been off the 3ds hacking scene since that first CFW came out that was leaked or something like that and now im seeing a whole bunch of new CFWs coming out.

    I have a gateway with 9.8 emunand , old 3DS.
    Apparently i read GBA roms/DSIware are bootable now? How? Ive been searching on threads but dont get a clear explanation of this. Tried installing the CIAS thru bigbluemenu and then tried loading thru rxtools 2.5.2 AND rxPasta but both get stuck on black screen while trying to load the games. Ive tried loading thru the menu AND also thru bigbluemenu and i get stuck on black screen.

    - I also tried to replace Health app with FBI in rxTools but now i get an error message upon loading the health app.

    -I also dont even understand what an average user that has GW can benefit from these new CFWs. Is there a specific good combo, using GW + one of the CFWs?

    - Which is the best one , RxTools or PastaCFW

    - from what i recall, i tried RxTools 2.5.2 and got into RX-E 9.8, RxPasta same thing, but PastaCFW got me into like a "different" 4.5

    Thanks to anyone that can help, Ive actually looked thru threads and dont get clear answers.
  2. Ericzander

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    If you have a Gateway, you're basically good. The new CFWs are for people who want alternatives, but Gateway is still king for now.

    If you want GBA/DSIware roms however you need to use Pasta which requires a legit Cubic Ninja cart (unless you're 4.5 sysnand or below) or a Sky3DS with the game loaded on it.

    To me personally, who already have a gateway, I can't feel bothered to install a CFW because GBA games don't appeal to me too much. But afaik that's really the only reason you should get one since you already have the gateway card.
  3. juins

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    Sep 13, 2003
    Main mission is to play GBA/DSIware right now.
    but i already tried loading PastaCFW with MSET method, and i still get stuck on black screen while loading the games. The specific DSIware game is zelda 4 swords anniversary.
    -Im guessing RXtools doesnt load gba/dsiware? If this is the case, then is PastaCFW better than RXTools?
    -What about RXpasta? (is RxTools 2.5.2 > than Rxpasta?)
  4. EmceeKerser

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    Loading DSiWare turns off the MSET exploit
    Also both Pasta and Rxtools work with GBA VC games, you just need to install the AGB/TWL patches and use the right version of pasta, in the latest RxTools you need to use devmode
  5. Simplicity

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    May 14, 2013
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    I have a Gateway, and a few people I know have O3DS with no flashcarts.

    So I setup emunand, got them DevMenu, installed the MSET for RxTools, and got that going. They can do most of what I can with no flashcard/cubic ninja at all, since they're on 4.x...
    Also apparently an update to rxTools was made available today adding Region free. So in my opinion, Gateway 3DS is currently only good for O3DS users to access .3ds files. Otherwise, if you like the convenience of not needing a flashcard, you should probably go with rxTools.