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    Well i always wanted to order online but my father never let because he was tpo afraid they will steal his creadit card. And he doesnt wanna make a paypal acc for secret reassons. So he gave me a camcorder with no charger. Since its a later model i can only find it online. Now he said if i find a safe way to buy it he will get me it. So can anyone help me find a safe way. And do pre paid master cards work?

    Also can someone give me a guide explaing shipping and other things about ordering i should know about.
    Example i live in Canada and wanna buy something from states. Does it depend on website?

    Things that i would like to order are as follows.
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    Prepaid Cards from Visa and Mastercard work on all sites, you're good, stop worrying and shipping info is in each sites' FAQ.
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    The only things you have to worry about are small sites like flashcart dealers, some of whom may steal credit card numbers. However, you'll be 100% safe with Amazon, Ebay, etc. I'm usually pretty paranoid about the internet and things like that, but ordering online is an everyday thing.

    I know your dad said no PayPal, but someone on this site told me of a PayPal feature that generates a random credit card numbers that'll debit from your account. For example, if I bought a Playstation off of you and used a generated credit card number, the money would be taken out of my actual credit card but you'd see the generated number. So essentially you just enter that random number as your credit card number on a site and if they steal the credit card number, it won't be your actual card.