Orange led light keeps on even when charge is 100%

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    Jul 9, 2014
    I always leave my PSP charging all night, but today I woke up and saw that the orange led light was still on, indicating the PSP was still charging. It never did that before, the led always turned off after completing the charge (obviously, I checked the PSP and it said the battery was at 100%).

    I have a PSP-3004 with an 2200 mAh exteded battery original from sony. I'm using 6.60 PRO-C, clocked at 333mhz in both XMB and games, with the Memory Stick Speedup set to always, using the Sony NP9660 Iso Mode and the skip game boot screen set to enable (this are the only options I think can make an impact on the hardware).

    Apparently this same problem happens to some 3DS users and it doesn't have any harmful side effects like the battery being over charged and eventually breaking. Is it safe for the PSP? Will it overcharge the battery and kill it? Is there a way to fix it?

    PS: I also noticed some minor warmth in the left side of the screen while playing, I feared over heating but apparently it just happens on that side of the screen, I can't feel the back left side of the console being warm, which I think is the most important part of the psp for processing and whatnot (although the warm can be felt inside the UMD part, where the spinning motor and optical laser are). And as I said, it isn't alarming, it is minor heating (and emphasis on "minor"), but it is kinda odd, as far as I can recall, my psp never did that.
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    Your PSP's battery is fine; it won't overcharge or anything. As for the warmth on your system, that's probably a result of using the 333mhz clock speed for your XMB/games. Normally the PSP runs at 222mhz. The 333mhz speed overclocks the PSP's CPU, so the heat is just a result of that. It won't kill your system or anything, at least not as far as I know. Me personally I try to take a break every once in a while and let the system cool down a bit, just to be safe.
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    You can't overclock the PSP (at least not without bricking it). 333mhz is what it was designed to run at, but Sony noticed some battery life problems, so they have it underclock to 222mhz. Some games will push the clocking back up to 333mhz, though. It also doesn't generate any extra heat of consequence.

    Kizux There's no reason to have XMB clocked to 333mhz, it's just burning through the battery's charge faster. It's possible your battery is just going bad, they can only be changed up so many times before it starts holding noticeably less of a charge. I've had to replace the battery in my 2000 twice so far over the years.