[OR/AS] Pokemon- How to modify files?

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    I was about to delete some file of my computer when i saw some old hackrom and said to myself "Hey, why not create your own? "

    So i download the stuff but i have a main probleme

    I work with a already hack rom (Pokemon rising and sinking) but there are in .cia and i have absolutely no idea of what to do, i have Exefs and "a" file but i don't know how repack them into the cia or unpack a .cia :/
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    Jan 1, 2016
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    Decryting / Extracting / Rebuilding guides: Asia81's guide on how to decrypt extract and rebuild a cia // ihaveamac's 3DS-Tools guid (recommended because more up2date)

    pk3ds - your main tool for all kinds of features: Github Link (recommended to build from source for features) // ProjectPokemon link

    Ohana 3DS - Texture / model editor / viewer

    Ohana Rebirth: GBATemp Link / Github Link (recommended to build from source for features)

    GARCTool from Kaphotics Pokemon Tools to extract GARCs: Github link (recommended to build from source for features) // ProjectPokemon link

    X/Y romfs 'a' folder content reference paste

    ORAS romfs 'a' folder contet reference paste

    Other than that I recommend having

    - Microsoft Visual Studio Community 2015 -> for building source code of aforementioned tools
    - Decrypt9WIP or Hourglass9 by d0k3 for decrypting the game and generating xorpads
    - 3DSBuilder -> to rebuild roms as .3ds (included in Asia81's guide)
    - ctrtool / makerom / bannertool / 3dstools -> also for rebuilding/extracting etc. Included in ihaveamac's tutorial
    - Adobe Photoshop for texture editing
    - no over ambition. Model editing especially is not something you learn in 5 minutes and a lot of hours go into creating a romhack. Have dedication, but don't put too much on your plate.
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