Open source engineering projects?

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    It seems I reached the point where I need some capital/steady income for a while to fund the next stage of my business so it seems I will have to prostitute myself and speak to some agencies* which means I need some CV/resume fodder. Were I looking for programming work I would do some open source work and were I looking for electronics I would do some open source hardware work but it seems I am playing an engineer instead (specifically materials/metallurgy reverse engineering and failure analysis) so I am not entirely sure where to look.
    If this sounds a bit cynical well it is- I will certainly try to pick something I find interesting even if there is a better CV fodder option out there and even though I utilise the skills all the time to do new and interesting things I am now dealing with HR and keyword searching.

    *they seem to have wised up a tiny bit since my last dealings with them several years ago and no longer say we need x,y and z for a company just outside ?- it is OK for web development but when they try it for metals casting companies for instance it is usually well within a mailshot if not a direct email.

    To this end am I overlooking something obvious? I should state although I can use CAD and CAM programs I am no draughtsman (and no real intention of being one) which also does not help as there do seem to be a few drawing/modelling projects. Equally I would rather be a contributor than a project lead.

    I had thought about resurrecting my console reverse engineering/enhanced design project (aiming mainly at older consoles with the intention of generating designs for parts (much like cars little bits of what I thought was plastic are instead made of unobtainium or if third party stuff is available it is made of plastic your chosen dollar/pound/Euro store would be ashamed to stock) or making designs using currently available parts (no need to make something using an unavailable 90's vintage chip if one can use another one made now and for the foreseeable future instead) but that is a bit heavy on the CAD/CAM and electronics side of things for this.