OOT3DHAX 11.2 with second 3ds

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    Dec 23, 2016
    I've been trying to install homebrew on my N3DS XL (FW un-modded 11.2) with oot3dhax using a second 3ds (O3ds With CFW), however i haven't been able to find a guide anywhere to do this and my attempts have all met with failure. I was wondering if there was a guide to installing oot3dhax with a second 3ds with CFW.

    O3ds sysnand 9.0.0-20
    O3ds emunand RX-E 11.2.0-35
    CFW on O3ds: RXTools
    N3ds 11.2.0-35 (No modifications or CFW)
    Payload: N3DS_E_25600_9221.bin (Otherapp payload)
    N3ds SD: Boot.3dsx, 3ds folder and payload (And all files that the oot3dhax installer put on the SD) all on it.
    -I put the O3ds sd card in and tried running the exploit, which came out with the same error.
    -All attempts are met with the game crashing when i push A and the message "An Error has Occurred. The system will now restart." and the console restarting. Every button on the HUD gives the same result.